[Video] BBC World News reports on Eugene Terreblanche’s brutal murder

If you cannot see the embedded video, please click here.


One thought on “[Video] BBC World News reports on Eugene Terreblanche’s brutal murder”

  1. This is all a GVT/MEDIA LIE! Of course its politically motivated. Its a farm murder. Its the same style of other farm murders. Its violent, its inhumane and he was killed because he is a white person and the gvt and their representatives are promoting the KILL THE BOER, KILL THE FARMER slogan. The reason The police and media are saying its a personal issue is to confuse people and divide people.If they were his workers that killed him, that is no excuse. Anyone can dislike their boss, they can resign, they can leave, they can go through the legal system to sort out employment issues!Killing a boss in a violent inhumane way is sick and disturbed and they are killers. Why did they work for him if he treats his workers badly. WHY DID THEY WORK FOR HIM??? That gives them no right to kill him.For me I see they have unintentionally unified the white nation is SA and that this in ENOUGH. They have unknowingly turned Eugene Terreblanche into a hero!Even I never agreed with his racist views BUT for me today he is a hero! I see him ontop of his black friesan horse with the Old SA Flag in the background and "DIE STEM" playing loudly in the background. I hear DE LA REY in my ears and its aimed at a new enemy.This is the same way of sick killing that they have done to all the other farmers. Nothing is different.NO-ONE can condone the killing of an employer! Anyone can feel rage at the unjust treatment of an employer and most of us have too! BUT that is not the way to deal with it. THIS IS VERY CLEARLY JUST ANOTHER SICK, SICK KILLING OF A FARMER.For me the SA black people have gone a very KILL KILL KILL and that is also evident in the xenophobia against their own race i.e. people who come from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mazambique, they were beating them and buring them and hacking them up too and that was all over the news. Its not just whites/boers they hate!! They hate their fellow beings, other blacks from Africa. The big thing is if you hate someone stay away from them.RIP ET

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