Resident shot at security complex

2010-04-13 07:32

Mia Willemse, Beeld

Pretoria – A 59-year-old man died on Monday after being attacked by two gunmen inside a Centurion security complex.

“It hurts, it hurts too much. I can’t go on,” Dave Buy mumbled to his wife on Monday, just before he died.

Buy, who was also a businessman, died about 08:30 in the back yard of his house in a security complex in Clubview, Centurion, while his son and a paramedic tried to save his life.

His wife, Adreen, was at the house at the time. The couple and Adreen’s mother, Kysie Bruyns, 80, had only been living in the house for barely two months.

Buy was presumably overpowered by two young men just after 08:00, while on his way to the garage.

As always, he said goodbye to his wife in the house and locked the front door and gate behind him.

He was on his way to two of his butcheries – in GaRankuwa, north of Pretoria, and Hebron, west of Soshanguve respectively. He had started running the butcheries after his retirement as technician at Denel.

Buy was shot twice in the shoulder and once in the chest.

According to the victim’s youngest son, Quinten Buy, 26, who arrived at his parents’ home just before 08:30 after an emergency call from his mother, one of the two attackers had a firearm and his father was shot during a struggle in front of the garage.

A neighbour heard the three shots and immediately activated her house alarm, which sent the attackers running away empty-handed.

A wounded Buy then ran around the house and collapsed on a small patch of grass in his back yard.

“I was at work when my mom phoned and said I must come home immediately. I didn’t know why, but halfway there I phoned my grandmother and she just said my dad’s been shot and it’s very serious,” said Quinten.

Bruyns was standing in the kitchen and watching through the window as her son-in-law was attacked.

According to Quinten, his dad’s neighbour, a paramedic, was at the scene first and once he arrived she immediately called him over to help her perform CPR.

“Just hold on, just hold on, just hold on,” she said to him while they both performed emergency treatment on Buy.

“But it didn’t help, he died right there on the grass. He told my mother he’s in too much pain, he can’t carry on,” said Quinten.

Agnus Huma, spokesperson for the Wierda Bridge police station, confirmed the incident.

She said it’s thanks to Bruyns’ detailed description of the men that two suspects – with an unlicensed firearm in their possession – were arrested shortly after the incident, about 1km from the scene.

The police are apparently searching for two more attackers.

Over 20 unused bullets were found in front of the garage.

The two suspects will appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

– Beeld



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